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Part of Speech 

Part of Speech 

Each word has its sentence Performs some grammatical function. according to the work they do in a sentence, words are divided into eight different classes. 
    1. Noun  (संज्ञा )
    2. Pronoun ( सर्वनाम )
3. Verb  (क्रिया )
    4. Adverb (क्रियाविशेषण )

    5. Adjective ( विशेषण )
    6. Preposition ( संबधसूचक  अव्यय )
    7. Conjunction (संयोजक अव्यय )
    8. Interjection . (विस्मयबोधक )
These  eight classes of words are called the part of speech. 


1.Noun is the name of person place thing or idea.

A Noun is the name of person, place, thing or an idea.
e.g. Siri Rajiv Gandhi is your Prime Minister.
        Delhi is the capital of India. the noise woke up the baby.
       Virtue is its own reward. 
Person :Father, Mother, Brother, Teacher, Mohan Sohan.
Places: Delete India Bihar, Chandigarh, Bhiwani , Hisar.
Things: Book, train ,land ,table ,Bad.
Ideas : Grief ,Desire, Justice ,Democracy ,Friendship. 

For example.
Sri Rajiv Gandhi is our Prime Minister. 
Delhi is the capital of India. 

2 A pronoun is a word used for a noun. It helps us to avoid the repetitions of now in the same piece of writing. e.g.

Ashok loves his stepmother but she does not like him. 
Where is my book?

3. An Adjective- An adjective is a word which modify or qualify a noun, that is, which add to the meaning of a noun or pronoun.

For example-
 Sachin is a brave boy. 
Gold is a precious metal. 
Anytime he’s an intelligent teacher. A, An, and The are addictive. They’re called particles. we shall discuss them separately. 

4 Verb- a verb  is a word which says something about a person place or thing. A verb express action. every sentence must contain a verb.

 For example- He is a doctor.
     Shopkeeper sales goods. 
     Farmers plow the fields. 

5. An adverb is a word which adds to the meaning of an adjective a verb are another adverb.

 For example 
 He ran fast.
 Moon is a very strong boy. (qualify the objective strong).
 The old man walked quite slowly.(Qualifies the adverb slowly).

6 . A Preposition is a word that is used with a Noun or Pronoun to show some relationship.

For example
My father is very proud of me. 
I go to school at 9:00 AM everyday. 
There is a Clock in the kitchen. 

7. A Conjunction is a word which join words phrases or clauses.

For example 
Moon and sun are good friends. 
I could not come to school because I was ill. 
work hard list you should fail. 

8. An interjection is a word which express some sudden feeling.

 For example 
Hurray we have owned the match. 
Class I am undone. 
Metal well done.! 
Point full quick region. 

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