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What is Sentence ?

A group of words that makes a complete sense called a sentence.
a group of words containing a subject and a verb, that expresses a statement, a question, etc. When a statement is written it begins with a big (capital) letter and ends with a full stop.
a group of word that conveying complete sense

expressing an ideas, we also use our body language to express our thought or ideas, but we can not say a sentence when we are using body language.

We express our thoughts and feelings through words.
We may also use signs and gestures to express our thoughts, but signs and gestures do not always convey our thoughts.

वाक्य किसे कहते है ?
शब्दों का एक समूह जो एक अपना अर्थ देता हो। जिसकी कोई sense  निकलती हो। उसे वाक्य कहते है।
there are a structure of making sentence. like Subject +verb+ Object
वाक्य बनाने की एक संरचना है।
जैसे Subject + Verb + Object.  can convey a statement, a question, an exclamation, or a command. There are four types of sentence:

 1. A Declarative . declarative sentence states a fact and ends with a
. For example:
He has every attribute of a dog except loyalty.
I wonder if other dogs think poodles are members of a weird religious cult.
.2.An Imperative :-
        An imperative sentence is a command or a polite request. It ends with an exclamation mark or a period (full stop).
When a dog runs at you, whistle for him.
3.An Interrogative . e.g
An interrogative sentence asks a question and ends with a question mark.
Who knew that dog saliva can mend a broken heart? (Author Jennifer Neal)
3.An Exclamatory . e.g
An exclamatory sentence expresses excitement or emotion. It ends with an exclamation mark.
In Washington, it’s dog eat dog. In academia, it’s exactly the opposite! (Politician Robert Reich)

4.A Negative :- A negative sentence give the negative information abut subject or his /her intention.
for example- Ram is not going to school. in this, Ram show or express that he is not ready to go to school.

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